The SRI is hiring!

Posted on January, 8 2018 by Action Canada

The Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) is a coalition of six national and regional organizations (including Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights) from all parts of the world with an office in Geneva, Switzerland that has been advocating for the advancement of human rights in relation to gender and sexuality at the UN Human Rights Council since 2006.

The SRI aims to advance sexual rights (broadly defined) as a particular set of rights and as a crosscutting issue within international law, specifically in the work of the UN Human Rights Council. The SRI’s approach to advocacy combines feminist analysis with important normative advances in the recognition of human rights of women, marginalized communities and young people. The SRI further aims to create a political space for advocacy on sexual rights by bridging Southern, Northern and Eastern perspectives and incorporating diverse views.

The SRI is currently expanding its Geneva-based presence. We are seeking highly motivated, effective and experienced staff with a firm grounding in feminist principles and analysis to play important roles in achieving the goals of the coalition.