The first feminist summit for the G7 comes to an end

Posted on April, 27 2018 by Action Canada

The first feminist W7 meeting for the G7 has just concluded in Ottawa, and it was bold and inspiring. A small group of organizations, including Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, hosted the W7 with a vision of bringing together more than 60 exceptional feminist leaders from Canada and around the world. We worked together to deliver essential recommendations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all the G7 Leaders.

During the three days together, intersectional focus was placed on Climate Change, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Violence Against Women, Resourcing Feminist Movements, Economic Justice, Intersectional Feminism and Peace and Security. Feminism is about building solidarity, and combatting threats across the spectrum. Our conference reflected those realities.

Many important messages will come out in the next week from this meeting, including a full communique outlining a feminist vision for the G7. These are some of the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues that were highlighted among them:

  • A feminist approach to SRHR is essential.
  • Restriction and criminalization of SRHR needs to end.
  • More resources are needed to support advocacy work that will be reflected by law and policy reforms.
  • More resources are needed for on the ground delivery of SRHR services.
  • Accountability mechanisms are an essential part of any SRHR initiatives.

For more information about the W7 Canada and to read the final press release, visit


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