Submission to Post-2015 Consultation on Inequalities and LGBTIQ People

Posted on July, 1 2013 by Action Canada

The submission, prepared by ACPD (now Action Canada), supports the analysis of other contributors that the root causes of the inequalities and human rights violations faced by LGBTI persons are patriarchy and the resulting heteronormativity and gender norms. It alsos support the analysis that other forms of marginalization, such as on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, and disability, compound these violations.  At all levels – local, national, regional and international – ACPD advocates for greater emphasis on the value of broad-based activism and cross-movement dialogue and collaboration.  Since the root causes are broad-ranging, so will have to be the responses and the discourse driving them.  Policy-making efforts (as well as our activism and advocacy) need to recognize that the attitudes, actions and structures that perpetuate inequalities based on sexuality and gender not only disadvantage LGBTI persons, but also sex workers of all genders, and impose restrictions on adolescents, youth and women’s sexuality.

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