Submission to Education Consultation in Ontario

Posted on December, 4 2018 by Action Canada

In November 2018, the Government of Ontario launched a consultation on education. All are welcome to participate in the consultation.

One specific element of the consultation is “building a new age-appropriate Health and Physical Education curriculum that includes subjects like mental health, sexual health education and the legalization of cannabis.”

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights prepared a submission in response to the consultation, focusing on young people’s right to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), with some specific reference to the legal protections associated with CSE in the province of Ontario. We invite all those interested to use Action Canada’s submission in their own engagement with the consultation process. Please feel free to copy/paste content as helpful, sourcing Action Canada’s report. For any questions, please email: [email protected].

Click here to download our submission.

The deadline to participate in the consultation is December 15, 2018. For more information, visit:

Action Canada looks forward engaging in further CSE curriculum review in all Provinces and Territories towards the goal of ensuring consistent access to the highest quality sex-ed across jurisdictions.

Ontario CSE submission FINAL

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