Sex Workers in the 2015 Elections: Advocacy Guide and infosheets

Posted on July, 17 2015 by Action Canada

Source:  Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform

These tools created by the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform will help you educate yourself and others about the election process and needs for sex workers in the 2015 election year.

Advocacy Guide 3: Hot on the Campaign Tail!

helps to mobilize sex workers and allies in the upcoming elections, be a part of mobilizing others to vote, and help demystify the election process.

Click here to read the advocacy guide

The 2015 info sheets

underline the important issues for sex workers this year and can educate candidates and allies about sex work issues.

Click below to read the infosheets:

Criminalizing Advertising of Sexual Services

Criminalizing of the Purchase of Sex

Sex Work and Changes to the Criminal Code after Bill C-36

Migrant Sex Workers and Sex Work-Related Laws – updated

Criminalizing Third Parties in the Sex Industry


Sex Work

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