Pharmacare Consensus Principles

Posted on September, 26 2018 by Action Canada

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is proud to be among more than 70 health organizations across Canada to sign on to the Pharmacare Consensus Principals. Sexual and reproductive health and rights depend on every person’s equal right to access the prescription medications they require to lead their lives.

Canadians know that medicines are a key part of medical care – it makes no sense to treat them separately. We need a single blanket of coverage for all of Canada. Only a single-payer system will achieve the purchasing power and administrative efficiencies needed to save billions of Canadian health care dollars each year. Only a universal and accessible system will save the lives of thousands, and prevent the illness of tens of thousands, of people in Canada who fall ill and die every year because they cannot afford their medicines.

2018-09-24_Pharmacare Consensus Principles

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