Give the gift that can’t be wrapped

Posted on December, 20 2017 by Action Canada

This holiday season, give the gift that can’t be wrapped and your every dollar will have the power of $4!

Thanks to the support of our donors, big and small, we work directly with individuals, professionals, and decision-makers to make real progress happen. Just last week, Action Canada participated in the first Ministerial meeting on Human Rights taking place in almost three decades and we made it our mission to bring up important issues like uneven access to sexuality education in our country. This Fall, in collaboration with sexual health experts from across the country, we published Beyond the Basics, a teacher’s resource to make sure educators from coast to coast to coast have what they need to offer the best possible sex ed. Our team also worked hard and succeeded in knocking down barriers to medical abortion.

As we gear up for the new year and looking back at this year’s victories, we all feel renewed energy to continue our fight to see everyone’s sexual and reproductive rights being respected and upheld.

Thanks to a generous donor who strongly believes in protecting and advancing everyone’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, all gifts from new donors will be matched times three until the end of the year! This father of three, who throughout his career as a health professional tirelessly advocated for the funding of organizations and movements advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) had this to say about his gift:

“Many of us often don’t realize how misinformed we are, or how many unnecessary barriers exist when it comes to having what we need, be it information or resources, to take care of our own sexual and reproductive health. As a cis-gender man, I was raised from childhood with false notions of what it meant to “be a man,” based on highly gendered information about women and men and sexuality. Until I reached the second year of university, my education on gender and sexuality was very limited. The messaging I was getting didn’t allow for any discussion on important topics like pleasure, healthy relationships or consent. At every stage of our lives, sexuality and reproduction can shape our realities and our futures. This is why I support Action Canada’s work on issues like comprehensive sexual health education and access to a full spectrum of reproductive health services. Through organizations like Action Canada, we can challenge our medical, social, and legal systems to remove harmful barriers and help ensure each person has access to their full sexual and reproductive rights.” – Eric Sund

Thanks to his dedication to the cause, Eric has pledged to match every $1 donated from new donors by $3 until the end of 2017 – that means $20 becomes $80, $50 becomes $200, and on and on and on!

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