Freedom of Choice: A Youth Activist’s Guide to Safe Abortion Advocacy

Posted on December, 1 2013 by Action Canada

Source: Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Young women’s access to abortion touches on some of the most sensitive issues in cultures around the world: the role of parents, community and religious leaders in decision-making on the issue of children and adolescents and youth sexuality. It is within this context that this guide seeks to empower young activists working on sexual and reproductive rights with the information and context needed to become strong advocates for young women’s right to abortion.

It is not the intention of this guide to offer a step-by-step process for developing an advocacy strategy or campaign. Instead, the guide offers a youth perspective on some of the key issues in advocating for young women’s right to abortion.

The updated version of the popular guide includes new information on the global context as well as background information on abortion health and rights and tips for advocates.

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Also available in French and Spanish

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