Canada Election 2015: Opting for sexual health and rights

Posted on July, 25 2015 by Action Canada

In October 2015, Canada is holding a federal election. Elections represent key moments when individuals and groups have the opportunity to have their decision-makers, and the parties they represent, make commitments. Issues related to sexual and reproductive rights affect all people; yet, are often get left out of debates and discussions in the lead up to elections. This series of briefs outlines suggested priorities for the Government of Canada in terms of sexual and reproductive rights, both in Canada and globally.

Issues addressed in the domestic briefs:

  • Access to abortion services
  • Conscientious objection
  • Comprehensive sexuality education
  • Respect for diverse gender identities and expressions
  • Issues that intersect with sexual and reproductive rights

Issues addressed in the global briefs:

Globally, the briefs outline how the Government of Canada can re-establish itself as a global leader on gender equality, sexual and reproductive rights and human rights, more broadly. The briefs provide guidance for Canada’s future efforts related to foreign policy and international development assistance that includes:

  • Creating a Policy on sexual and reproductive rights
  • Ending the current refusal to fund abortion services abroad
  • Re-engaging with multilateral organizations and in intergovernmental spaces

The briefs are intended for many different stakeholders and audiences. They are for those who: are interested in sexual and reproductive rights; are interested in key issues in the lead up to the federal election; are responsible for developing programmes and policies related to sexual and reproductive rights in Canada and through Canada’s development assistance and foreign policy; are parliamentarians and working with parliamentarians; are activists who want to hold their decision-makers accountable, raise awareness and share information about sexual and reproductive rights; and anyone else who wants our federal Government to take positive action on sexual and reproductive rights!

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