Congratulations Bentley Award Winners Island Sexual Health Society and Planned Parenthood Toronto

Posted on March, 2 2016 by Action Canada

Having received a strong collection of applications, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights is excited to announce the winner of the 2015 Helen and Fred Bentley Awards of Excellence: Island Sexual Health Society for their Peninsula Nations Health Clinic. We would also like to congratulate our second place winner: Planned Parenthood Toronto for Filling in the Blanks project.

Dr. Bentley intended for this award to recognize excellence of achievement as well as innovation and leadership that enhances the lives of adults, youth or children. Both the Peninsula Nations Health Clinic and the Filling in the Blanks project are a strong fit for these criteria.

Island Sexual Health Society’s Peninsula Nations Health Clinic was established to address sexual health-related inequities on Vancouver Island’s Peninsula Reserves. It began with an interest expressed by the local indigenous community leaders and health service employees to expand on site programs in their new health care center in the area of cialis online sexual health. The first year of the project focused on relationship building; by the end of the first year, community members were seeking sexual health testing and treatment and other services. The committee felt that this project represented excellence of community collaboration and responsiveness. The project was developed in response to an identified need and included shared leadership between the service provider and the community.

Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Filling in the Blanks project addressed the lack of relevant, accessible sexual health education for LGBTQ youth in Toronto. Filling in the Blanks used LGBTQ youth volunteers to develop and deliver both workshops and resources. Resources developed included videos on bisexuality and on negotiating sex as a trans and/or disabled person, as well as an extremely popular affirmations deck (print and online) addressing bodies, consent, relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, pleasure and more.

Action Canada is proud to count Island Sexual Health Society and Planned Parenthood Toronto among our Associate Organizations. We are encouraged and motivated by the creativity and success of all of our partners and look forward to continued collaboration and experience sharing.

For more information about both projects and the Helen and Fred Bentley Awards of Excellence please contact [email protected]



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