2014 MNCH Summit: ACPD Backgrounder

Posted on May, 25 2014 by Action Canada

In March 2014, the Government of Canada announced that it would host a high-level summit on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) from May 28-30, 2014, in Toronto. The Summit brought together world leaders, heads of UN agencies and Canadian civil society organizations under the banner of ‘building consensus on how to scale-up progress on maternal, newborn and child health.’

In preparation for the Summit, ACPD (now Action Canada) prepared a factsheet examining Canada’s support for family planning and reproductive health within the context of the 2010-2015 Muskoka Initiative on MNCH. The resource puts forward 5 key actions for Canada to take, as it begins to look at what comes after the Muskoka Initiative:

  • Fund a comprehensive and integrated package of sexual and reproductive health services and information, including emergency contraception and safe abortion
  • End Ministerial restrictions on funding for safe abortion in Canadian aid
  • Increase spending on family planning
  • Increase investments in comprehensive sexuality education
  • Ensure that gender equality is at the core of all development initiatives, particularly those aimed at address maternal, child and newborn health

Click here to read the factsheet 



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